Reduction Print - Little Hen Quail (unframed)

Reduction Print - Little Hen Quail (unframed)


This little quail print is made up of seven colours.   As a reduction print, the lino was destroyed in the process of printing - meaning that there will be no more available.


Each print is unique.  The process of printing so many layers mean that every print will be slightly different.  


Only 8 copies are available. 


Each colour is printed using Caligo Inks and is printed on Fabriano Rosaspina paper.


The print measures (approximately) 20.5 cm wide and 26 cm high 

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  • About handmade prints

    Each print is unique.

    All prints are handprinted using archival inks and quality papers.  

    Each print is signed and numbered.  At the end of a print series the lino block is retired.