Wrapt with Raptors

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

As we enter another week of lockdown I consider myself very fortunate. I live in the country. This means that I can get to enjoy / watch / photograph one of my favourite subjects - birds of prey. In New Zealand we have two resident raptors - the Australasian Harrier Hawk (pictured, below) and the Karearea (NZ Falcon) - both of which are visitors to the orchard.

Australasian Harrier Hawk

Another visitor is the Little Owl, or German Owl. Introduced to NZ early in the 20th Century to control small birds on orchards and vineyards this little bird is often visible during the day (great for photography) and can often be spotted by the number of other birds that are hanging around it hassling it. Yes, that age-old adage doesn't work here. Birds of a feather may stick together but when there is a known predator in their midst they work together to hassle it.

Little Owl

I have decided that this lockdown I am actually going to sort photos and finish art projects. My new-lockdown-resolutions also include a revised website (any feedback or comments on the current one would be gratefully received!). I also have some art to give away so watch this space.

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