Telling the story of other artists

Although I am a little biased, I believe that now is a time when we need more creativity. The theorists and philosophers write that we (if we survive the multitude of current crises) are entering the third age of mankind - the age of freedom. The upshot is that we will have more freedom as things that constrained us reduce; specifically, technological advances will cause a major upset in the global economy.

That's all a bit heavy (though fascinating). I like the idea that constraints will be removed to enable a world that is kinder (wishful thinking) and more creative. Although, I do find creative people are a kind bunch and that is what this little blog is all about.

When we moved to the orchard I knew no-one in Central Otago and certainly no-one in the creative space. My work continues to require me to travel (although that is severely curtailed) and the ability to build networks and friendships is limited. Enter the artists (a phenomenally kind and inclusive bunch).

After a bit of frustration at a local facebook group not wanting to support local artists and artisans I had a 2 am idea to create a facebook page for Central Otago Artists and Artisan food producers. A sort of directory of who was doing what, where. The idea being that people could virtually meet a lot of the wonderful people doing wonderful things in the region - it was to both support the artists / artisans and to provide locals and visitors with good, up-to-date, information.

I've profiled (not in the police sense) 42 locals so far - it is a work in progress. Each person has to answer three simple questions (although, to be fair, the answers aren't always simple!) and I take their photo. Want to know more? Head over to the Facebook Group.

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