Teaching printmaking in the far south

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

July, 2021

Every year the hard-working team at Riversdale Arts put together an Exhibition of local (NZ) artists. This year I was invited to submit some work for the Exhibition and to teach two, one-day, workshops on lino-printing.

Enthusiasm goes a long way...

I get a bit enthusiastic about teaching others to create images using traditional relief printing techniques. These classes were no different with women from throughout the region joining in. While the courses were only 6 hours long we did manage to do multi-colour blocks on both days - aided by a roaring fire to warm the lino and help the ink dry. It wasn't just me being enthusiastic - attendees really got into the spirit of creating and, although we were all in the same room for the same amount of time, the work that was created was really varied and exciting.

Planning matters

I hope that one of the key things the participants took home with them (other than a love of print making, of course) was the need to plan your work. Planning a piece of work is always the bit that takes longest for me - thinking, sketching, reversing, drawing onto lino and deciding on positive and negative parts of the image (that is, the pieces you leave in the lino and the pieces you take out).

The photo, above, was taken on the morning after the course.

Keep that ink rolling, H

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