Behind the image

July 2021

It seemed a little surreal to see one of my original linoprints photographed in the local newspaper. Particularly one that had been quite difficult to compose.

It started as two images that I wanted to place side-by-side. But, that just didn't work. The whole idea of the piece was around oppression and hope; servitude and learning. Once drawn and carved the two pieces seemed to fit together more naturally in a vertical fashion. And, so, the image was finished.

While all my pieces are important to me (otherwise why would I bother?) this one was personal. It was limited to a series of 3 - with an artist's proof going to a friend in Russell (Donkey Bay Inn), one going to Dunedin (and shown in House and Garden), the other sold to a buyer in Sydney. The final one sits behind my desk and continues to make me ponder

I have been asked, when taking classes, what inspires me. A lot of the time it is from birds I have studied and photographed; it is always an image that has become 'stuck' in my mind.

What inspires you?

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