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I am an artist based in Central Otago, New Zealand - I use both traditional printmaking (linoprinting) and photography to portray the natural beauty that surrounds us.  My 'happy place' is either behind my camera at dawn or dusk; chasing birds with a long lens; or in the studio drawing and carving.  

By day I am an entrepreneur bringing order and safety to food systems.  While this is quite different to my artist endeavours it does certainly require a lot of creativity (for problem solving) and observation and attention to detail.

I am constantly learning and evolving as an artist: my drawing and printmaking is always inspired by someone or somewhere I have been.  Photography offers a number of creative freedoms - from longer exposure photography to capture light, through to portraiture, macro detail or rapidly moving targets (usually birds).  

I rarely do commissions, when I do they become all consuming: after all, artwork has to come  from the heart.

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I love talking about photography or printmaking - feel free to get in touch